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Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Tips To draw Graffiti .........?

Art History Drawing Graffiti Letters.

The first time the art of drawing graffiti letters began in the 60s, during the period between 1971-1974 graffiti art is considered as the era when most of the pioneering work of graffiti, because it is a form of art began to spread and get publicity in the community. but for some young people who like to time it with the world of graffiti, this is a container and the medium used for the through which they can vent their worries in the world they find oppressive, and this is used as a way to rebel against the society that they think is unfair and corrupt.
Drawing Graffiti Styles?

Technically, the art of graffiti is the work of every kind of art that was made on a building & wall, street, graffiti pictures first began to appear very drastic, who was in New York City, a tool used to create graffiti artwork they usually spray paint or wide tip marker, which is used basically to wake up 'tags', or the name of graffiti writers, and not any art like that. This is done to make themselves known throughout the city. The larger and more colorful they could make their tag, the more attention they get. This gave rise to graffiti 'war' appear, with the artist trying to beat each other in making their tags bolder and bigger. However, after the artists who think graffiti can spray large letters, the style began to make his appearance.

Graffiti art styles:

Tagging: graffiti art style used to display some handwriting, and is regarded as lacking in artistic form.
Blockbuster: As the name implies this style, large letter-sized blocks are used.
Wildstyle: graffiti letters weave design.
Throw-Ups: Graffiti images done very quickly using multiple colors.
Bubble Letters: uppercase graffiti written in a style round.
Each style of graffiti can be used to create different types of graffiti:
Hip-Hop Graffiti: Reflecting the African-American culture, this is considered as the most traditional type of graffiti.
Graffiti Challenge: The purpose of this type of graffiti is simply to declare that a person 'here. "
Poster Graffiti: Graffiti is made on a poster that has pictures of people on them.
Aircraft Graffiti: tags Drawing on an airplane, usually on dirt on it.
Tree Graffiti: As is apparent from its name, the graffiti painted or carved on trees.
Invisible Graffiti: Pure graffiti symbolic, such as a logo created on a computer microchip, that although there are, can not be viewed by anyone.
Various media are used to create each type of graffiti. Although graffiti is legitimate and some may go to more established forms of art displays, such as studio and art gallery, purists of this art form argue that the only people who appear on the carriage and the right of public graffiti wall.
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