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Friday, April 15, 2011


Since boyfriend is out of town, I strolled through Gandaria City by myself yesterday. This was actually the second time me visiting the mall, the first one only to buy Domino's Pizza because yes, S is the biggest fan of pizzas. This place is huuuuge I love it! And they got so many restaurants that I've never spotted anywhere else...:)

Yada yada...I found a biiiiiig Accessorize corner inside the Metro department store...super yayness! I've been loving this brand ever since I saw them in Singapore, and it's great that they're now available in Jakarta too! :)

Me: "Can I take pictures of these accessories?"
Shop attendant: "Are you from the magazine?"
Me: "Mmmm yes..."
Shop attendant: "Okay."

I hope I won't get arrested after this.

Spent a loooooooong time here home with these..

Yay! :)


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Graffiti in u'r Body