Graffiti in u'r Body

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Say, "I Am Happy".

"Being original" is addictive, because us who are used to being true to ourselves, will always need to be true to ourselves. It grows as a habit and builds up into a character, and once in that stage, it becomes ingrained into an establishment of a lifetime. There's something about it, really. Being original gives us the fullest gratitude and satisfaction of who we really are, that we embrace ourselves and the humankind happily. We become tolerant and appreciative towards everyone's differences, because we accept everyone to be individually unique. So we live peaceful, in life and in mind.

I believe in holding strong our cultural & moral values, and the significant importance of living responsible to God. But other than that, we should be free to set our minds and act on what we think is best for us, although such must be heavily noted that "what's best for us does not dis-benefit others" as well.

Say "no" when we simply don't want to.
Stand up when we don't agree.
Facilitate discussions, not kill ideas instantly.
Work on something we're passionate about.
Wear something we genuinely like.
Be proud of our physical appearance.

Be 100% original...:)


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Graffiti in u'r Body