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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outlining technique on full graffiti art

 Outlining technique on full graffiti art.
talk about graffiti art, many techniques you need to prepare. making of graffiti created by outlining first. There are several kinds of books that discuss the techniques of outlining a sophisticated, but for the basis of outlining is as follows.

A good time to do the outlining is at the beginning and at the end of the process of making graffiti art. Outline techniques in the initial process is a guide to guide us in making graffiti flow. With the initial outline so that we know where the filling should be done. After we finished the initial outline, of course, after that we will be working on filling, background, 3D, touch-ups and others. All of it is not impossible that a little cover up and initial outline mess.

So should the end of the graffiti, re-trace the outline again to obtain maximum image rapihnya. But make sure everything is done prior to re-trace. So re-trace is completely done in the end.

When done outlining, it is best to spray a position parallel to the wall and if possible as close as possible to the line firmly and sharply.

Outline the first is that will best describe our graffiti outcome, so do not hesitate to spend much time in the initial outline. If one takes the line, create a new line and make sure that one line that can be covered with filling later,


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